Grivo w/ Outlander and Nathalie Stern - 7th June

  • Grivo w/ Outlander and Nathalie Stern - 7th June

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The Lubber Fiend is an 18+ venue.


Emerging like an ornate relic, Austin-based power trio Grivo combine slow, methodical hooks and warm tube amplifiers to artfully re-establish the link between heavy guitars and downtempo pop. Grivo’s tones and effects are utilized as active compositional elements, crafting and pacing their infectious riffs to allow the saturated guitars and bruising low-end to fully bloom. Within the tidal sound waves and bleak timbre, Grivo forges a distinctive personal connection that challenges the modern definitions of doom metal and shoegaze.
- Adam Jones

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Nathalie Stern

Of Swedish origin and now living in Newcastle upon Tyne, Nathalie first served her apprenticeship in Swedish pop punk band Candysuck, which influenced the emerging Swedish feminist music movement in the mid-90s, before moving to the UK and founding the guitar/drums duo Lake Me in 2001. As a solo act, and keen to explore traditional Swedish folk heritage and more experimental sounds, she released her debut album ‘Firetales’ in 2009 on her own label Minta Rec and on the German label The Company With The Golden Arm.

Her long awaited follow-up, ‘Nerves and Skin’, was released in 2019 and builds on the experimental folk traditions of her debut, awash with vocal harmonies, synth loops and drones but with the maturity of an artist who knows their craft and is at the top of their game. Using a sparse set up of loop pedals, vocal effects and synths, Nathalie sculpts haunting soundscapes that fuse a love of old folk songs, horror and folk lore with vocals and lo-fi electro textures. The album was released on Inverted Grim Mill Recordings and Cruel Nature Records on CD, limited white vinyl and limited cassette tape (sold out). Nathalie is often joined on stage by Lindsay Duncanson and Marek Gabrysch from the experimental performance collective Noize Choir, and whose vocal effects augment the tracks on ‘Nerves and Skin’, ranging from industrial noise to melting glaciers.