Die Verlierer w/ Beige Banquet and Stannington - 18th May

  • Die Verlierer w/ Beige Banquet and Stannington - 18th May

Been trying to get Beige Banquet to play since the beginning and we managed to snag them with Die Verlierer!

Die Verlierer

„Mann im Mond” video


Die Verlierer are a Berlin based punk band capable of creating a trangressive headspace of nostalgia dragging you all the way back to the late 70's. Formed by members of the bands Chuckamuck and Maske, their music sounds similar to that of a German Gun Club, or the Fall and their destructive live shows only serve as an amplification of these comparisons. Die Verlierer released their selftitled debut album in early march on Mangel records, which will undoubtbly serve as an amelioration of the fastly growing punk revival

Beige Banquet


Beige Banquet combine the sounds of Gang of Four, Joy Division, and Uranium Club through their approach to technicality and the tastefulness of their arrangements. Adding a modern twist, you could compare them to the likes of Snapped Ankles and Iguana Death Cult as their sound (despite having classic heritage) feels incredibly fresh.


Local brit pop crooners.